Another day, another delivery…

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This morning I was out on one of our twice weekly delivery rounds bringing pet supplies to our customers.  Whilst driving back to the shop it struck me that the combination of what I had dropped off and where I had been was a demonstration of just how popular and useful this service is.

We had 13 deliveries on the sheet for today.  When compared to some rounds which we have done recently this doesn’t sound like a lot so, to get the full picture, let me list the amount and variety of products which were loaded into the car this morning.  In summary there was:

2 x 120L bales of woodshavings; 9 x sacks of hay; approximately 125kg of cat litter (wood pellets and fullers earth granules); 2 x sacks of dog food; 5 x sacks of garden bird seed and several bags of mixed products including Naturediet dog food, Mr Johnsons rabbit food, Supreme Tiny Friends Gerty guinea pig food, feeding hay, straw, dog biscuits and rabbit treats.

From start to finish I covered nearly 20 miles today – beginning in Bishopstone and Beltinge, then I went through Broomfield and back to the town centre before going onward to Hampton, Greenhill, Swalecliffe and ending in Tankerton.  Some people would probably say it sounds like a lot of effort, but to us it’s a really important and integral part of the business.  It’s one of the ways that as an independent shop we can support local pet owners by providing a service with a personal touch.

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